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LOETAD 12 V 150 psi Portable Automatic Digital Electric Air Compressor for Car, Motorcycle and Bike Tyres, Basketballs and Inflatable Toys


Multifunctional: our digital air compressors not only inflate tyres, but also gauge tyre pressure and preset the pressure.If the preset value is reached, it will automatically stop inflating.
User-friendly design: meaning the pump is safe and durable.The front has an LED light which can shine onto the tyre to make it easy to see the tyre expanding.
Easy to use: the button switch makes it easy to press to start inflating.The cigarette lighter plug can be inserted directly into the car to charge it.
Convenient to carry: the tyre pump’s 3 m cable can be placed in the pump when you’re not using it.This small pump is easy to move to where you need to use it.
Plenty of accessories: it comes with 3 air nozzles that let you change the nozzle.It is suitable for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, basketballs and footballs.



A must-have tool:
Any car must have a pump for emergencies.
It can provide you with additional safety while you’re on cross-country rides or outside.

Product specifications:
Product power:120 W.
Input voltage:12 V DC.
Current:10 A.
Charging time:3-5 minutes.
Power supply: car cigarette lighter.
Maximum inflation pressure:150 psi.
Power cable length:3 metres.
Operating temperature: -20℃ to 60℃.
Instructions: inflate the car tyres for 10 minutes, then stop using it for 10 minutes to give it a rest.

Package contents:
1 x electric pump.
1 x 3 m power cable.
1 x ball needle (for the pump).
1 x French manual [English not guaranteed].
2 x plastic air nozzles (2 different types).

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