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LOETAD Curling Iron 6 in 1 Curler Set Multifunctional Replaceable Ceramic Coating Curling Iron LCD Display


Ceramic tourmaline technology: curling iron is made of professional tourmaline ceramic, which ensures that your hair stays healthier and smoother with shiny curls all day long. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract positive ions in dry or damaged hair by penetrating moisture into your hair and reducing frizz

Human design: the handle of the curling iron is non-slip, safer and more comfortable. 2.5m long anti-tangle cable 360 degree rotatable keeps the line streamlined and makes curling easier.
Adjustable temperature: the temperature is adjustable between 80 ° and 230 ° by the temperature setting button. Thanks to the PTC technology, the heating rate of the curling iron is very high.

Gloves equipped: 6 in 1 curling iron also comes with a one size fit most black heat-resistant glove, so you can change the barrels.

Easy and safe to use: the curler by switching on and off with temperature control for easy handling. Simply choose the appropriate curling iron and turn it on, plug it into the socket and set it to the desired temperature, then you can start



Why buy Loetad curling tong?
✔ Unlike other products, its 6 accessories allow for a variety of hairstyles.
The materials are tourmaline and ceramic, which guarantee quality and durability.
✔ Using a LCD screen that can be adjusted as needed.
✔ Very fast heating, can be adjusted between 80 ° and 230 ° degrees.
✔ Equipped with 2.5m anti-tangle.
Equipped with an insulating holder, it can be placed on the table without any problems.

1) The curling iron accessory must be installed normally. Buttons should not be deformed, there should be no damage, screws should not be missing where they were before.
2) After installing each accessory, the curling iron will be heated normally. It is default up to 180 ° pre-set, if you want to increase the temperature, you need it by hand, 5 ° to once, up to a maximum of 230 °.

Box contents:
1 x curling tongs with 6 accessories: 09-18 mm / 19-25 mm / 19-19 mm / 25-25 mm / 32-32 mm / wavy 25-25 mm.
1 x protective gloves made of black cotton.
1 x user manual (English language not guaranteed).

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