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LOETAD Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge 200PSI Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator Deflator Compressor Accessories (200PSI Tire Inflator)




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LOETAD Digital Tire Inflator Gauge makes filling tires extremely easy when using an air compressor. Instead of filling a tire by checking the pressure, adjusting, and repeating over and over again, simply press the handle of tire inflator gauge down to fill the tire to the exact pressure you want and then release the handle, it will stop filling. Save your time by filling the tire only once.

LOETAD Tire Inflator with Gauge Tire Pressure Gauge 200Psi
  • 3-in-1 Digital Tire Inflator/Deflator/Pressure Gauge
  • Wide range of 3 to 200PSI
  • 4 measurement units PSI, BAR, KG/CM², KPA
  • Highly reliable at a precision of ± 0.5PSI
  • Large backlit LED Lighting
  • Automatic shut off after 15 seconds
  • Built from premium heavy duty components
  • Easy-to-install 2 x AAA batteries(included)
  • Low-battery indicator reminds you when to replace the battery.
LOETAD Tire Inflator with Gauge Package
  • 1 x Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge
  • 1 x 90 Degree Valve Extender / 1 x Presta Valve Adapter
  • 4 x Valve Cap / 1 x Metal Tire Valve Cap
  • 1 x 1/4″ Quick Connect Male Fitting / 1 x 1/4″ Steel Threaded Female Fitting
  • 1 x PTFE Thread Seal Tape Roll
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Packing Box

Multiple Accessories
  • Straight lock on, dual foot lock on, 1/4” NPT Male Connector
  • Metal Tire Valve Cap Include

All-in-one Design
  • Surrounded by a rubber cover, protecting from drops and easy to grip.
  • Good leakproofness: built with heavy duty fitting to improve the sealing performance

Multifunction / Multipurpose
  • Versatile for cars, bikes, motorcycles, or trucks
  • Bright LCD with clear readings: The tire inflator gauge can be used in the dark without any hassle.
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